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Pittsburgh B-25 Monongahela River Mystery

Six Rescued?

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Six Rescued?

(Research Notes: These three entries from a five-page CAA official record are part of the releasable portion of the TB-25N Aircraft Mishap Report, 31 January 1956 received regarding a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request of 18 March 1994. This moment-by-moment accounting of the incident begins at 1600E (4:00PM) and concludes at 1805E (6:05 PM). All times are approximate. Every effort has been made to faithfully reproduce this text, including poor punctuation, capitalization, and misspellings.)

1655E - Pittsburgh CS/C notified MFS at Middletown that Pittsburgh City Police had rescued six occupants of the aircraft.



1730E to 1750E - Allegheny Tower called various hospitals attempting to locate the military personnel and obtained the following information:


St Joseph Hospital

(1) Alfred J. Alleman - Condition fair, shock.

(This was determined to be the correct spelling of name)


McGee Hospital

(1) Charles L. Smith - Condition good.


Montefiore Hospital

(1) Captain John F. Jamieson – Shock

(2) Major William L. Dotson – Shock

(This was determined to be the correct spelling of name)



1805E - Allegheny Tower advised that they were unable to locate the other two survivors as the Air Force had requested that the police not give out any information. This information forwarded to Military Flight Service and Air Force Operations at Greater Pittsburgh Airport.




Robert P. Mangone

Captain. USAF


Suggested reading

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